New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:37-8 - Assessments Required When Liabilities Of Mutual Fire Insurer Exceed Assets

17:37-8. Assessments required when liabilities of mutual fire insurer exceed assets
When the liabilities of any mutual fire insurance company organized under the laws of this State and now doing business shall exceed its assets, or hereafter organized shall exceed the net assets as provided in section 17:17-7 of this Title for the commencement of business, its board of directors shall raise money by assessment to restore such excess, and on neglect or refusal so to do, after 60 days' notice from the treasurer or the Commissioner of Banking and Insurance of such excess of liabilities over assets, the directors so neglecting or failing shall be personally liable to pay the liabilities to the persons to whom the same are due and the Commissioner of Banking and Insurance shall take possession of the property and business of the company as provided in section 17:30-1 of this Title.

This section shall not apply to stockholders of mutual companies having a capital stock or to any mutual insurance company issuing insurance policies in accordance with the provisions of section 17:28-3 of this Title for cash premiums and without additional contingent premiums.

Amended by L.1951, c. 206, p. 750, s. 7; L.1954, c. 152, p. 658, s. 4.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016