New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:37a-6 - Writings, Expenses, Profits And Losses; Participation By Members

17:37A-6. Writings, expenses, profits and losses; participation by members
All members of the association shall participate in its writings, expenses, profits and losses in the proportion that the net direct premiums of each such member (but excluding that portion of premiums attributable to the operation of the association) written in this State during the preceding calendar year bear to the aggregate net direct premiums written in this State by all members of the association, as certified to the association by the commissioner after review of annual statements, other reports and any other statistics the commissioner shall deem necessary to provide the information herein required, and which the commissioner is hereby authorized and empowered to obtain from any member of the association. Each member's participation in the association shall be determined annually pursuant to the provisions of this section. No member shall be obligated in any 1 year to reimburse the association on account of its proportionate share in the deficit from operations of the association in that year in excess of 5% of its surplus to policyholders and the aggregate amount not so reimbursed shall be reallocated among the remaining members in accordance with the method of determining participation prescribed in this section, after excluding from the corporation the total net direct premiums of all members not sharing in such excess deficit. In the event that the deficit from operations allocated to all members of the association in any calendar year shall exceed 1% of their respective surplus to policyholders, the amount of such deficit shall be allocated to each member in accordance with the method of determining participation prescribed in this section. Any insurer authorized to write and engaged in writing any insurance, the writing of which requires such insurer to be a member of the association, pursuant to the provisions of section 3 of this act, who is authorized to write and engages in writing such insurance after the effective date of this act, shall become a member of the association on the January 1 immediately following such authorization, and the determination of any such insurer's participation in the association shall be made as of the date of such membership in the same manner as for all other members of the association.

L.1968, c. 129, s. 6, eff. July 1, 1968. Amended by L.1973, c. 210, s. 1, eff. Aug. 2, 1973.

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