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17:4-9.1 "Successor company" includes "successor bank, savings bank"; "predecessor company" includes "liquidating company" or "predecessor savings bank."

1.For purposes of this section, the term "successor company" includes "successor bank" or "successor savings bank"; and the term "predecessor company" includes "liquidating company" or "predecessor savings bank."

A successor company formed under R.S.17:4-9, repealed and replaced by section 16 of P.L.1948, c.67 (C.17:9A-16), and qualified to act as a fiduciary as provided for by R.S.17:4-41, repealed and replaced by section 30 of P.L.1948, c.67 (C.17:9A-30), in order to facilitate the orderly liquidation of the predecessor company, the successor company shall be permitted to be substituted as fiduciary in those matters in which the predecessor company has qualified.

If in the sound judgment of the predecessor company and the successor company such a substitution of fiduciary is deemed in the best interests of the trust or relation and in aid of the liquidation, the predecessor company may file its account to date with the court having jurisdiction, and upon approval thereof and discharge from the trust or relation the successor company shall succeed to the rights, relations, and trusts and associated duties, and shall execute and perform the trust or relation as if the successor company had originally assumed the trust or relation; provided, however, that the successor company shall not assume the liabilities incurred by the predecessor company incident to its administration of the trust or relation.

Subject to this section, the successor company shall succeed to the rights and duties of the predecessor company and to all fiduciary capacities in respect to any estate or trust or other matter being administered under the laws of New Jersey, or as transfer agent or registrar of stocks and bonds.

Subject to this section, all fiduciary rights, privileges, and duties shall remain unimpaired and shall continue in the successor company from the date of discharge by the court of the predecessor company from the trust or relation, regardless of: (i) the date the relationship was established; (ii) the trust agreement was created; or (iii) the trustor, the decedent, the person who is mentally incapacitated, or the minor died, without the need for the successor company to seek appointment in the person's estates; provided that where the instrument under which the predecessor company qualified to act did not require the furnishing of a bond, no bond shall be required.

L.1942, c.230, s.1; amended 2013, c.103, s.60.

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