New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:47-3 - Declaration Filed With Commissioner

17:47-3. Declaration filed with commissioner
The underwriters shall file with the commissioner a declaration, signed and sworn to by their duly authorized attorney or attorneys in fact, setting forth:

a. The name or title under which the business is to be conducted, which shall not be so similar to that of any existing corporation, association of insurers on the Lloyds plan or interinsurance association as in the opinion of the commissioner is calculated to deceive;

b. The location of the principal office at which the business is to be conducted;

c. A copy of the form of power of attorney, agreement or other authority of the attorney or attorneys in fact, setting forth the character of their representatives and authority and the agreement between the underwriters;

d. Copies of the forms of policy contracts or agreements under or by which insurance is to be effected;

e. The names and addresses of all the underwriters proposing to engage in the business;

f. The designation and appointment of the commissioner as attorney for service of legal process;

g. The kind or kinds of insurance to be transacted;

h. That a fund for the protection of policyholders is in the possession, within the United States, of the attorney or attorneys in fact or the committee for the underwriters, and is either in cash or invested as required by the laws of the state in which the principal office of the underwriters is located in respect to securities deposited by insurance corporations authorized to transact similar kinds of insurance, the fund to be in excess of all liabilities and to amount to one hundred thousand dollars if the applicants desire to be authorized to transact the kind of insurance specified in any one of the paragraphs "a" , "b" , or "c" , of section 17:47-2 of this title and the additional sum of fifty thousand dollars for each additional paragraph if the applicants desire to be authorized to transact the kinds of insurance specified in more than one of the paragraphs "a" , "b" , or "c" , of said section 17:47-2;

i. The number of underwriters, which shall not be less than fifteen, and that each underwriter is worth in his own right not less than twenty thousand dollars over and above all his debts and liabilities;

j. A statement showing a list of all cash and invested assets owned by the associate underwriters as such and their estimated value, and of all liabilities including unearned premiums on risks in force.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016