New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:48a-7.8 - Review Of Practices, Rules And Procedures Of Medical Service Corporations

17:48A-7.8. Review of practices, rules and procedures of medical service corporations
All practices, rules, and procedures of a medical service corporation, involving termination or refusal to renew coverage, modification of coverage or rates in the case of persons classified as left-group, selection of risks, and underwriting classifications, shall be subject to review at any time by the commissioner and upon his request for information relative to any such practice, rule, or procedure the medical service corporation shall furnish such information in writing without delay. If in the opinion of the commissioner any such practice, rule, or procedure, is unjust, unfair, or inequitable, taking into consideration the nonprofit and tax-exempt status of the medical service corporation, he shall so notify the medical service corporation and fix a time and place for hearing before him or his designated representative at which the medical service corporation may be heard. Following such hearing, the commissioner may make an order based on the record of the proceeding. If such order be one of disapproval, it shall be unlawful for the corporation to continue such practice, rule, or procedure. Such disapproval by the commissioner shall be subject to review by the Superior Court in a proceeding in lieu of prerogative writ.

L.1964, c. 105, s. 8.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016