New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:48c-15 - Agreements With Dentists; Approval Of Payments; Corporate Records.

17:48C-15 Agreements with dentists; approval of payments; corporate records.

15.No dental service corporation shall enter into any contract with a subscriber unless and until it shall have filed with the commissioner a copy of the agreement proposed to be entered into by the corporation and the participating dentists. Every such agreement shall provide for the payment of dental services to subscribers and covered dependents to the end of the subscription certificate year; that 30 days' written notice of termination of such agreement may be given to the corporation at any time by any participating dentist but shall not apply to any subscription certificate in force at the time of such notice until the first date thereafter when such subscription certificate may properly be terminated by the corporation, and that the agreement of the dentist to render such service to the end of any certificate year shall not be affected by cessation of the transaction of business by reason of appropriate resolution of the board of trustees, or directors of such corporation, injunction issued by a court of competent authority, legislative act or by any other exercise of judicial, administrative or legislative authority; provided, that this requirement shall not apply to any subscription certificate which is not maintained in force by the payment of premiums required thereby. There shall be included in the minutes of the board of trustees of every dental service corporation a record of the approval of payments to be made to participating dentists. The corporation shall maintain in its office complete records of all the dental services rendered to subscribers and covered dependents in such form as will indicate the kind of services rendered, the amounts claimed for such services by the participating dentists, and the amounts paid by the corporation during the preceding seven-year period. No payment to any participating dentists shall be authorized by the board of trustees except in accordance with a plan of payments adopted by the board and recorded in the minutes of a meeting. Every dental service corporation shall furnish a copy of the plan of payments to the commissioner at the commissioner's request. If the commissioner at any time shall notify the corporation of his disapproval of any rate of payment included in the plan of payments as being excessive or inadequate in itself or in relation to other rates of payment, payment shall not thereafter be made at the rate. In making his determination the commissioner shall give consideration to prevailing rates of payment by insurers and hospital, medical and dental service corporations of this and other States for similar services under similar conditions, the fair relationships of the values of the different kinds of services covered in the plan of payments and any other relevant facts. Upon request of the commissioner, the corporation shall furnish to the commissioner such information as the commissioner shall specify to facilitate review of any plan of payments.

L.1968, c.305, s.15; amended 2015, c.148, s.5.

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