New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:48c-2 - Definitions.

17:48C-2 Definitions.

2.As used in this act the following words and phrases shall have the stated meanings unless a different meaning clearly appears from the context:

(a)The term "dental service corporation" or "the corporation" shall mean a corporation which is (1) organized, without capital stock, and not for profit, for the purpose of establishing, maintaining and operating a nonprofit dental service plan, whereby the expense of dental services to subscribers and other covered dependents is paid in whole or in part by the corporation to participating dentists and to others as provided herein in return for premiums or other valuable considerations, and which (2) holds a certificate of authority issued under this act;

(b)The term "subscriber" shall mean a person to whom a subscription certificate is issued by the corporation and which sets forth the kinds and extent of the dental services for which the corporation is liable to make and which constitutes the contract between the subscriber and the corporation;

(c)The term "covered dependent" shall mean the spouse, civil union partner, or domestic partner, former spouse, former civil union partner, or former domestic partner for whom the subscriber is legally liable to provide dental coverage, an adult dependent or a child of the subscriber who is named in the subscription certificate issued to the subscriber and with respect to whom appropriate premium is specified in the certificate;

(d)The term "participating dentist" shall mean any dentist authorized to practice dentistry under the laws of this State and who agrees in writing with the corporation to provide the dental services specified in the subscription certificates issued by the corporation and at such rates of compensation as shall be determined by its board of trustees and who agrees to abide by the by-laws, rules and regulations of the corporation applicable to participating dentists , which rules and regulations may exclude a dentist: (1) who is suspended, debarred, or otherwise ineligible to participate in or provide services to persons covered by or receive payment from a government health care program, or (2) whose participation violates one or more standards established in accordance with State or federal laws or regulations;

(e)The term "dental service" shall mean any and all general and special dental services ordinarily provided by such licensed dentists in accordance with accepted practices in the community at the time the service is rendered;

(f)The term "commissioner" shall mean the Commissioner of Banking and Insurance.

L.1968, c.305, s.2; amended 1980, c.113, s.5; 2015, c.148, s.1.

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