New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:9a-137 - Submission Of Agreement To Stockholders; Filing

17:9A-137. Submission of agreement to stockholders; filing
A. If the commissioner approves the merger agreement, it shall, within 180 days after the date of such approval, be submitted to the stockholders of each of the banks which are parties to the agreement, at separate meetings called for that purpose upon at least 20 days' notice given in the manner specified in section 81. A copy of the merger agreement shall be mailed to each stockholder of each of the banks which are parties to the agreement with the notice of the stockholders' meetings.

B. If the agreement is approved by the stockholders of each bank holding at least 2/3 of the capital stock entitled to vote, that fact shall be certified as to each bank by its president or a vice-president and the certifications shall be attached to the agreement. The agreement shall then be filed in the department, and thereupon it shall become effective.

L.1948, c. 67, p. 284, s. 137. Amended by L.1949, c. 229, p. 721, s. 6; L.1950, c. 153, p. 334, s. 1; L.1970, c. 165, s. 9.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016