New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:9a-164 - Acceptance Or Rejection Of Plan

17:9A-164. Acceptance or rejection of plan
A. Following the approval of a plan by the court and its transmittal to depositors, other creditors and stockholders pursuant to sections 162 and 163, the proponent or proponents of the plan shall solicit acceptances from creditors and stockholders of each class adversely affected by the plan. Acceptances of creditors and stockholders shall be filed in the court.

B. No acceptances shall be required of creditors or stockholders of any class which is not adversely affected by the plan, or of stockholders of any class, if the court determines that the liabilities of the bank are in excess of its assets.

C. No person shall, without the consent of the court, solicit any acceptance, conditional or unconditional, of any plan, or any authority, conditional or unconditional, to accept any plan, whether by proxy, deposit, power of attorney or otherwise, until after the entry of an order approving such plan and its transmittal to depositors, other creditors and stockholders as provided in sections 162 and 163. Any such acceptance or authority given, procured or received prior to such approval and transmittal shall be invalid, unless such consent of the court has been so obtained.

D. Any depositor, other creditor or stockholder who is adversely affected by the plan may file a rejection of the plan in the Superior Court within the time limited by the order of the court made pursuant to section 162. Each depositor, other creditor or stockholder who fails to file such a rejection shall be deemed to have accepted the plan.

E. Every fiduciary, every banking institution, insurance company or other corporation of this State, and every officer of this State or of a county, municipality, school district, public board, commission or other body of this State shall have the power to accept or reject a plan of reorganization of a bank and to do such other acts as may be necessary to make such acceptance or rejection effective.

F. If the acceptance or rejection of a plan by the holder of any claim or stock is not in good faith, in the light of or irrespective of the time of acquisition thereof, the court may, after hearing upon notice, direct that such claim or stock be disqualified for the purpose of determining the requisite majority for the acceptance of a plan, as provided in subsection G of this section.

G. If two-thirds in amount of the claims or shares of any class of creditors or stockholders accept or are deemed to have accepted the plan, all creditors or stockholders in such class shall be bound by the plan.

L.1948, c. 67, p. 298, s. 164.

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