New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:9a-183 - Legality Of Investments; Retention Of Investments

17:9A-183. Legality of investments; retention of investments
A. The board of managers, in determining whether any investment is lawful, may rely upon statistical, financial, corporate or other information as to such investment, and upon ratings or other opinion as to the financial or other status thereof or its legality for investment, contained in or offered by any financial, statistical, investment, rating or other publication or service published for the use of investors and accepted as reliable by the commissioner, or upon information contained in the prospectus circulated with a new issue and filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

B. An investment made by a savings bank, legal when made, may be retained by a savings bank, but nothing herein shall relieve the board of managers from the duty to exercise reasonable discretion in deciding whether to retain or to dispose of such investment; provided, that any securities issued in exchange for a lawful investment under any reorganization or recapitalization, if not legal for investment, shall be sold or disposed of within five years from the time of acquisition by the savings bank, unless, upon application by the savings bank to the commissioner, he shall extend the time for the sale or disposition thereof.

L.1948, c. 67, p. 327, s. 183.

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