New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:9a-198 - Amendment Procedure

17:9A-198. Amendment procedure
198. A. Whenever the board of managers of any savings bank shall deem it advisable to amend the certificate of incorporation, it shall, by a vote of not less than 2/3 of the managers then in office, adopt a resolution setting forth the proposed amendment, and shall publish notice of intention to apply to the commissioner for approval of such amendment at least once a week for four successive weeks, in the manner provided in section 10. A copy of the resolution, certified by two officers, together with proof of such publication and a certified statement that the amendment was made for a purpose authorized by law in the manner specified by this section shall be submitted to the commissioner for approval. A filing shall be deemed approved on the 30th day after receipt by the commissioner, unless approved or denied earlier by the commissioner in writing. Upon approval pursuant to this section, the certificate of incorporation shall thereupon be amended as set forth in the certificate of amendment.

B.When the amendment is for the purpose specified in paragraph (2) of section 197, the commissioner shall give special consideration to the following:

(1)the needs of the community for trust services, and the probable volume of trust business which will be available to the savings bank;

(2)the condition of the savings bank, particularly the adequacy of its capital deposits, if any and surplus in relation to its deposit liabilities and other corporate responsibilities, including the proposed exercise of fiduciary powers; but no savings bank shall be authorized to make such an amendment unless its capital deposits, if any, and surplus amount to at least $500,000.00;

(3)the general character and ability of the management of the savings bank;

(4)the nature of the supervision to be given to the proposed fiduciary activities;

(5)the qualifications, experience and character of the proposed officer or officers who will have control or supervision of the proposed fiduciary activities;

(6)whether the savings bank has available competent legal counsel to advise and pass upon trust matters whenever necessary; and

(7)any other matters which, in the discretion of the commissioner, are relevant.

L.1948,c.67.s.198; amended 1965, c.171, s.19; 2000, c.69, s.7.

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