New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:9a-25 - Additional Powers Of Banks.

17:9A-25 Additional powers of banks.

25.Additional powers of banks.
In addition to the powers specified in section 24, every bank shall, subject to the provisions of this act, have the following powers, whether or not such powers are specifically set forth in its certificate of incorporation:
(1)To discount, buy, invest in, hold, assign, transfer, sell, and negotiate promissory notes, drafts, bills of exchange, mortgages, trade acceptances, bankers' acceptances, bonds, debentures, bonds or notes secured by mortgages, installment obligations, balances due on conditional sales, and other evidences of debt for its own account, or for the account of customers;
(2)To accept for payment at future dates drafts drawn upon it by its customers;
(3)To issue letters of credit to guarantee the payment by its customers of amounts due or to become due upon the purchase by such customers of real or personal property;
(4)To receive interest and noninterest bearing demand and time deposits, to be repaid on such terms as may be agreed upon between the depositors and the bank, and to furnish security for such deposits when required by the laws of this State or of the United States, or by rules or orders of any court of this State or of the United States or by the regulations of an officer or agency of this State or of the United States, made pursuant to such law; provided that no bank shall be required to give security for deposits made by this State, or any political subdivision thereof, or any other body politic existing under the laws of this State, to the extent that such deposits are insured under any federal legislation providing for the insurance of bank deposits;
(5)To maintain savings departments for the receipt of interest and noninterest bearing deposits, to be repaid on such terms as may be agreed upon between the depositors and the bank, and to commingle such deposits with deposits otherwise received;
(6)During hours other than the bank's usual hours for receipt of deposits, to provide the equipment for receiving, and to receive, containers purporting to contain moneys or instruments for the payment of money;
(7)To make loans, secured or unsecured, including loans to its stockholders;
(8)To extend credit by honoring overdrafts upon deposit accounts, but no credit shall be so extended except pursuant to written agreement made in advance;
(9)To buy and sell gold and silver bullion, foreign coin, and exchange;
(10) To purchase and sell debt and equity securities of other corporations, without recourse, solely upon order and for the account of customers. This paragraph shall not limit the power of a bank to take securities of other corporations as collateral security for loans, discounts, or other extensions of credit, or to acquire those securities when their acquisition is necessary to prevent or minimize loss upon debts previously contracted in good faith. Equity securities acquired pursuant to this paragraph shall be sold within five years after their acquisition, except that the commissioner may, by order, extend the time within which sales of equity securities described in such order shall be made; but this paragraph shall not invalidate the holding of any equity securities lawfully acquired on or before the effective date of this act. This paragraph shall not apply to any case in which, pursuant to any other provision of this act, or pursuant to any other act, a bank is expressly authorized to subscribe for, purchase or otherwise acquire or hold securities;
(11) To receive any tangible personal property for safekeeping and storage on the terms provided by chapter 7 of Title 12A of the New Jersey Statutes, and to keep, maintain, and rent out for hire, space for the storage and safekeeping of personal property of such kind and description, or represented by the depositor thereof to be of such kind and description, as the commissioner may by regulation from time to time prescribe; but nothing herein contained shall limit the power of a bank to let space for the storage and safekeeping of personal property to which the bank has security title or in which it has a lien interest;
(12) To avail itself of the provisions of any federal legislation providing for the extension of any lawful banking activity in the making of loans or the extension of credit to individuals, or for the financing of business enterprises, or in such other banking activity as may be specified in such legislation and made available for participation by banks; except that the power by this paragraph conferred shall not be exercised unless the commissioner shall make a general order authorizing such participation upon such terms and conditions as may in such order be prescribed;
(13) To act as the fiscal agent of the United States, and of any corporation, and of any State, county, municipality, board, commission or other body politic, and to perform all duties as such fiscal agent as may lawfully be required of it;
(14) To assist customers or act for customers in the preparation, handling and disbursement of payrolls and payroll deductions and in the preparation, maintenance and furnishing of records and statistical information in connection therewith.

L.1948,c.67,s.25; amended 1962, c.219, s.1; 1985, c.528, s.3; 1997, c.395, s.10.

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