New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:9a-27.7 - Alteration And Rescission Of Plan

17:9A-27.7. Alteration and rescission of plan
A. A plan maintained by a savings bank may, subject to the provisions of section 22 of this act, be rescinded, or may be altered from time to time in the manner provided by such plan, and in the absence of such provision, by resolution of the board of managers.

B. A plan maintained by a bank other than a savings bank may be rescinded, and may be altered in a manner which is not substantial, pursuant to resolution of the board of directors.

C. If the original or amended certificate of incorporation of a bank, other than a savings bank, so provides, a plan may be altered by resolution of the bank's board of directors, whether or not the alteration is substantial; otherwise, a bank may make a substantial alteration in a plan only with the approval of a majority in interest of its stockholders.

D. For the purposes of this act, an alteration in a plan is substantial when it provides for (1) the payment, in whole or in part at the cost of the bank, of benefits greater than those specified in the plan; or (2) the retirement of employees at an age earlier than that specified in the plan; or (3) a decrease in the period of employment specified in the plan to qualify an employee to receive retirement benefits.

L.1953, c. 124, p. 1313, s. 7. Amended by L.1962, c. 234, s. 3, eff. Feb. 7, 1963.

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