New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:9a-300 - Election Of Agents; Powers; Vacancies

17:9A-300. Election of agents; powers; vacancies
A. If, at a meeting of stockholders held pursuant to section 299, the holders of a majority of the stock shall vote, in person or by proxy, that liquidation be completed by an agent or agents elected by the stockholders, the stockholders shall elect such number of agents as they shall determine. Following such election, the commissioner shall deliver to the agents so elected all the assets of the bank remaining in his possession, custody, or control and, upon such delivery, the commissioner shall be discharged from all further duties and responsibilities in respect to the assets so delivered. A certificate of the election of the agents for liquidation and of the delivery of the assets by the commissioner shall be made by the commissioner and filed in the department. The agents shall complete the liquidation of the assets of the bank, and, to the extent necessary for such liquidation, shall have the powers and shall be subject to the duties conferred or imposed upon the commissioner by this article. Upon completion of the liquidation, and upon making final distribution to stockholders, the agent or agents shall file a certificate thereof in the department, and thereupon the bank shall be dissolved, and its corporate rights, powers and franchises shall terminate.

B. Vacancies caused by the death, resignation, removal or other disability or any agent elected pursuant to this section shall be filled by the surviving agents, and a certificate thereof shall be filed in the department. The acts of a majority of the agents shall constitute the acts of the bank.


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Last modified: October 11, 2016