New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:9a-59.1 - Advance Loans

17:9A-59.1. Advance loans
A. Subject to the provisions of this act, a bank may lend money to a borrower by advancing funds to or for the account of the borrower pursuant to the borrower's written authorizations. Such authorizations may take the form of checks drawn on the bank by the borrower, notwithstanding that the borrower has no funds, or has insufficient funds on deposit in the bank out of which such checks may be paid, may take the form of credit card agreements or they may take such other form as the bank and the borrower agree upon. Loans made pursuant to this act are referred to in this act as "advance loans" and persons to whom advance loans are made are referred to as "advance loan borrowers." Accounting periods, referred to in this act as "billing cycles," shall not vary more than four days from one month in duration and the billing date shall not vary more than four days from the billing date of the immediately preceding billing cycle. The term "monthly" shall refer in this act to the billing cycle and need not refer to a calendar month.

B. Nothing in this act shall apply to loans otherwise authorized by law or enforceable at law, and except for the provisions of the criminal usury law, N.J.S. 2C:21-19, the provisions of any other loan or credit law of this State with respect to limitations on interest rate, charges, costs, fees, term of loan or collateral shall not apply to loans made hereunder.

C. A borrower may at any time prepay in part or in full the amount owing on advance loans, without penalty or prepayment charge.

L. 1959, c. 91, p. 223, s. 1. Amended by L. 1968, c. 64, s. 1; L. 1981, c. 37, s. 1, eff. Feb. 12, 1981; L. 1985, c. 528, s. 9, eff. Jan. 21, 1986.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016