New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:9a-92 - Judges Of Election

17:9A-92. Judges of election
A. In advance of each meeting of the stockholders of a bank, the board of directors shall appoint one judge or three judges who may be stockholders, and who shall perform the duties hereinafter in this section set forth. If a judge or judges be not so appointed, or, if appointed, shall fail or refuse to serve at such meeting or at an adjournment thereof, the chairman of the meeting shall make the appointment or fill any vacancy. If no judge shall have been appointed in advance of a meeting, the stockholders shall determine whether one or three judges shall be appointed.

B. Before entering upon his duties, each judge shall take and subscribe an oath to perform the duties of his office impartially and in good faith.

C. The judge or judges shall determine

(1) the number of shares outstanding;

(2) the number of shares represented at the meeting;

(3) the voting rights of each share;

(4) the existence of a quorum; and

(5) the authenticity, validity and effect of proxies.

They shall also

(6) hear and determine all challenges and questions arising in connection with the right to ballot;

(7) receive, count and tabulate all ballots;

(8) determine the results of balloting; and

(9) do such other acts as may be proper with respect to balloting.

If there be three judges, the decision, act or certificate of two shall be effective as the decision, act or certificate of all.

D. At the request of the chairman of the meeting, or of any stockholder or his proxy, the judge or judges shall make a report in writing of any matter determined by him or them and execute a certificate of any fact found. The judge or judges shall execute a certificate of the result of any balloting and shall deliver such certificate to the chairman of the meeting, and such certificate shall be recorded in the minutes of the meeting and filed with the bank.

E. If any person shall be elected a director at any meeting at which he served as a judge, his election shall be void and the directors shall not appoint him a director within twelve months next succeeding.

L.1948, c. 67, p. 261, s. 92.

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