New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:13-40 - General Powers And Duties Of Board Of Newly Created Regional Districts.

18A:13-40 General powers and duties of board of newly created regional districts.

18A:13-40. The board of education of a newly created regional district may, prior to taking charge and control of the educational facilities of the regional district, do all other acts and things which may be necessary for the proper organization and functioning of the public schools of the regional district during its first year, including the making of contracts for the employment of necessary personnel and for other proper purposes, the preparation and , if applicable, submission to the voters of the regional district for their approval or disapproval of the budget and the appropriations for the conduct of the public schools of the regional district during its first school year, the authorization of the purchase of real and personal property, and the construction, enlargement and repair of buildings, for school purposes, and the appropriations of the funds necessary to carry out the same and the authorization of the issuance and sale of bonds in order to provide for the payment therefor in whole or in part and the calling and holding of special elections when necessary for any such purposes and to carry out any or all of said purposes.

amended 2011, c.202, s.15.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016