New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:13-9 - Reapportionment Of Membership

18A:13-9. Reapportionment of membership
Each apportionment shall continue in effect unless and until a reapportionment shall become necessary by reason of the official promulgation of the next Federal census or the enlargement of the regional district by the admission of one or more local districts. In any such case, immediately after the official promulgation of said census or the certification of a favorable result of the election for enlargement of the regional district the county superintendent or county superintendents of the county or counties in which the constituent districts are situate shall reapportion the members accordingly but all members shall continue in office for the terms for which they were elected or appointed notwithstanding any reapportionment. If any constituent district shall become entitled to increased representation on the board the additional members shall be elected at the next annual school election of the regional district. If, as a result of such reapportionment, a disproportionate number of the total representatives of any one constituent district to a regional board are to be elected at a single annual school election, the commissioner shall have the power, on petition of a constituent district board of education, to alter the term of any member representing such constituent district by not more than 1 year, so as to temporarily apportion, as equally as possible over any given 3-year period, the election of the members representing such constituent district.

L.1967, c.271; amended by L.1977, c. 327, s. 1, eff. Jan. 10, 1978.

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