New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:17-13 - Assistant And Acting Secretaries; Appointment, Powers And Duties

18A:17-13. Assistant and acting secretaries; appointment, powers and duties
The board may, by a recorded roll call majority vote of its full membership appoint an assistant secretary who may be chosen from among its members and may fix his term of employment and compensation.

An assistant secretary shall assist the secretary in the performance of his duties and perform such other duties as the board may from time to time prescribe.

An assistant secretary shall act as secretary of the board and perform all duties and be subject to all of the obligations of the secretary during the secretary's absence or inability to act or during a vacancy in the office of secretary, unless or until the board shall, by a like vote, designate another person to act as secretary during such time.

An assistant secretary or an acting secretary shall, if so required by the board, give bond for his faithful performance of his duties as secretary in the same manner and in the same amount as is required of the secretary and the payment of the premium thereon may be paid by the board as in the case of a secretary.

No assistant secretary or acting secretary shall acquire tenure of office, position or employment as secretary.

L.1967, c.271.

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