New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:18a-25 - Guarantee Certificate.

18A:18A-25 Guarantee certificate.

18A:18A-25. Guarantee certificate. When a surety company bond is required in the advertisement or specifications for a contract, every board of education shall require from any bidder submitting a bid in accordance with plans, specifications and advertisements, as provided for by law, a certificate from a surety company stating that it will provide the contractor with a bond in such sum as is required in the advertisement or in the specifications.

This certificate shall be obtained for a bond--

a.For the faithful performance of all provisions of the specifications or for all matters which may be contained in the notice to bidders, relating to the performance of the contract; including the guarantees required under article 12 of chapter 44 of Title 2A of the New Jersey Statutes; and

b.If any be required, for a guarantee bond for the faithful performance of the contract provisions relating to the repair and maintenance of any work, project or facility and its appurtenances and keeping the same in good and serviceable condition during the term of the bond as provided for in the notice to bidders or in the specifications; or

c.In such other form as may be provided in the notice to bidders or in the specifications.

If a bidder desires to offer the bond of an individual instead of that of a surety company, the bidder shall submit with the bid a certificate signed by such individual similar to that required of a surety company.

The board of education may reject any such bid if it is not satisfied with the sufficiency of the individual surety offered.

L.1977, c.114; amended 1999, c.440, s.70.

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