New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:24-29 - Issuance Of Bonds; Ordinance, Submission To Voters

18A:24-29.Issuance of bonds; ordinance, submission to voters
18A:24-29. A proposal for the confirmation of any ordinance, required by this article to be approved by the qualified voters of the municipality comprised within a district, shall be submitted to such voters at a general, special or municipal election to be held therein, whenever the governing body of the municipality shall have, by resolution or ordinance, directed that the same be so submitted and, in the case of a special election, specified the day, which shall be not less than 41 days after the passage of such ordinance, and the time thereof, the place or places thereof and the polling districts therefor by reference to the general election districts established and used in the municipality, and the hours (which need include only four consecutive hours) during which the polls at such election shall be open. It shall be the duty of the clerk of the municipality to give notice of any such election, setting forth the proposition to be submitted and the day and time and place or places thereof and the polling districts therefor and the hours during which the polls at such election will be open. At least seven days before the date thereof, the clerk shall post not less than seven copies of such notice, one on each schoolhouse within the municipality and the others at such other public places in the municipality as he may select, and shall publish said notice in a newspaper published in the municipality if there be one or, if there be no such newspaper, in a newspaper published in the county and circulating in the municipality. No other or different notice of said election shall be required to be posted, published, delivered or otherwise given in any manner, except those required to be given by R.S.19:12-7 . Such election shall be held and the result of the balloting on such question ascertained and determined in accordance with the provisions of Title 19, Elections, of the Revised Statutes, which are not inconsistent with this section and are applicable to the holding in such municipality of a general, special or municipal election, as the case may be, but any notice or demand therein required to be given to or made upon any person or body for the performance of an official duty with regard to such election shall be sufficient, if given or made at least 10 days before the date of such election, except as otherwise required by this section.

L.1967, c.271; amended 1995,c.278,s.44.

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