New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:24-48 - Application Of Proceeds To New Purpose; In Districts Having Boards Of School Estimate; Certification By Boards Of Education

18A:24-48. Application of proceeds to new purpose; in districts having boards of school estimate; certification by boards of education
If the board of education of any school district having a board of school estimate shall determine, by resolution, that all or any part of the proceeds of bonds issued for school purposes of the district are not necessary for the purpose or purposes for which the bonds were issued and that such proceeds are required for any other purpose or purposes for which bonds could be issued pursuant to this chapter, it shall prepare and deliver to each member of the board of school estimate of the district a statement of such other purpose or purposes out of the amount of such proceeds estimated to be necessary for such other purpose or purposes, itemizing the same so as to make it readily understandable. No such statement shall be delivered to the members of, or be acted upon by, the board of school estimate of a type II district unless the proceeds of said bonds have been on hand not less than one year and not more than six years after the time of issuance or sale of such bonds, nor shall such a statement be so delivered if any of such bonds mature beyond the periods prescribed by section 18A:24-5 with respect to such other purpose or purposes (computed from the date of the submission of such certificate) unless prior thereto the commissioner shall endorse upon a certified copy thereof his consent to the issuance of such statement, based upon his written estimate made pursuant to the provisions of section 18A:24-52.

L.1967, c.271.

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