New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:24-61.5 - Certified Copy Of Refunding Bond Ordinance; Filing.

18A:24-61.5 Certified copy of refunding bond ordinance; filing.

5. a. A certified copy of any refunding bond ordinance shall be filed with the Director of the Division of Local Government Services in the Department of Community Affairs before adoption, together with a complete statement in form prescribed by the director and signed by the chief financial officer of the school district as to the outstanding bonds to be funded or refunded by issuance of the refunding bonds. Except as provided in subsection b. of this section no refunding bond ordinance or any resolution performing, determining or authorizing matters or acts in connection with refunding bonds shall take effect until the consent of the local finance board shall have been endorsed upon a certified copy thereof as adopted.

Any certification or endorsement of consent made by the local finance board or by a majority of the members thereof or by the secretary thereof pursuant to its direction as to any issue of refunding bonds shall, after the issuance of such refunding bonds in reliance thereon, be conclusive as to its validity or regularity and shall not be contested in any action or proceeding relating to such refunding bonds instituted after the issuance of such bonds.

The county, municipality or school district may enter into any contracts or agreements to implement the refunding program, including agreements with banking institutions with respect to the application of moneys deposited in a sinking fund for the payment of the refunding bonds at their maturity date to the purchase of obligations of the United States Government or obligations the principal of and interest on which are guaranteed by the United States Government or obligations of any agency or instrumentality of the United States Government without regard to any limitations as to the investment or deposit of moneys.

b.Refunding bonds to realize total debt service savings on outstanding obligations may be issued without the approval of the Local Finance Board in the Department of Community Affairs when authorized by conditions set forth in rules and regulations of the Local Finance Board and upon a resolution adopted by 2/3 vote of the full membership of the board of education of the district.

L.1969,c.130,s.5; amended 1978, c.75, s.4; 2003, c.264, s.8.

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