New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:24-63 - Bonds Authorized Prior To Change In Method Of Government Of School District

18A:24-63. Bonds authorized prior to change in method of government of school district
If any municipality, while within or comprising a type I school district, shall have, by ordinance, authorized the issuance of school bonds of said municipality in accordance with this title and thereafter shall have accepted the provisions of section 18A:9-3 of this title and there remain, unissued, bonds of said issue on the date of the acceptance by said municipality of said section 18A:9-3 of this title, or if any municipality has, while being within or comprising a school district governed by the provisions of chapter 6 of Title 18 of the Revised Statutes, by ordinance, authorized the issuance of school bonds of the municipality in accordance with chapter 5 or 6 of said Title 18, which remain unissued on the date this title shall become effective, such ordinance shall, thereafter, be authority for the issuance of bonds of the school district to the amount and for the purpose or purposes set forth therein, and shall be deemed to constitute a resolution duly approved at said date by the legal voters of the school district, authorizing the board of education to issue bonds of the district for the purpose or purposes and in the amount or amounts set forth in such ordinance. The bonds so issued shall be dated and sold and be made payable in accordance with the provisions of this title relating to the issuance and sale of bonds of type II school districts and any provisions of such ordinance with respect to the dates and maturities of such bonds shall not affect the powers of the board of education with respect to such dating and maturities. The board of education of the school district shall assume and pay any notes and other obligations, other than permanent bonds, theretofore duly issued or incurred by the municipality pursuant to said ordinance.

L.1967, c.271

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