New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:26-2.14 - Teaching Certification For Certain Military Spouses.

18A:26-2.14 Teaching certification for certain military spouses.

1. a. As used in this section, "nonresident military spouse" means a person (1) whose spouse is an active duty member of the Armed Forces of the United States who is the subject of a military transfer to New Jersey, and (2) who has left employment in another state to accompany such spouse to New Jersey.

b.Notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary, the State Board of Education shall establish a procedure for the issuance of a temporary instructional certificate to a nonresident military spouse that authorizes a board of education to employ the nonresident military spouse as a teacher if, at the time of application, the nonresident military spouse:

(1)Holds a valid and current license or certificate to teach issued by another state for which there is an equivalent and currently-issued New Jersey grade level or subject endorsement;

(2)Demonstrates competency in teaching in a manner determined by the State Board of Examiners, such as having taught successfully under the out-of-State license or certificate for at least three years, as documented by a letter of experience from a past supervisor or authorized district representative; having met the New Jersey grade point average requirement for an instructional certificate under State Board of Education regulations; or having completed continuing education units; and

(3)Pays any applicable fees required by the State Board of Examiners.

c.A temporary instructional certificate issued under this section shall be valid for 180 days and may be extended at the discretion of the State Board of Examiners for another 180 days on application of the holder of the temporary instructional certificate. The temporary instructional certificate shall authorize the nonresident military spouse to be employed as a teacher by a board of education on a temporary basis while completing any specific additional requirements for an instructional certificate in New Jersey that were not required in the other state in which the nonresident military spouse holds a license or certificate to teach.

d.Nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit a nonresident military spouse from obtaining a New Jersey certificate of eligibility, certificate of eligibility with advanced standing, or standard certificate under State Board of Education regulations, including the regulation for interstate reciprocity.

e.The State Board of Education shall promulgate regulations pursuant to the "Administrative Procedure Act," P.L.1968, c.410 (C.52:14B-1 et seq.), necessary to effectuate the provisions of this section.

L.2013, c.68, s.1.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016