New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:29-5 - ,500 Minimum Salary

18A:29-5. $18,500 minimum salary
The minimum salary of a full-time teaching staff member in any school district or educational services commission who is certified by the local board of education or the board of directors of the educational services commission as performing his duties in an acceptable manner for the previous academic year pursuant to N.J.A. C. 6:3-1.19 and 6:3-1.21 and who is not employed as a substitute on a day-to-day basis shall be $18,500.00 for an academic year and a proportionate amount for less than an academic year.

For the purpose of this amendatory and supplementary act, "full-time" means the number of days of employment in each week and the period of time in each day required by regulations of the State board to qualify a person as a full-time teaching staff member.

In addition this minimum salary shall apply to all new full-time teaching staff members hired for the 1985-86 academic year and thereafter.

L.1967, c.271; amended by L. 1985, c. 321, s. 3, eff. Sept. 9, 1985, operative Sept. 9, 1985; L. 1986, c. 9, s. 1, eff. March 28, 1986.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016