New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:29a-4 - Selection Of Outstanding Teachers

18A:29A-4. Selection of outstanding teachers
The teacher recognition selection panel may nominate to the local board of education one nonadministrative teaching staff member from each school in the district having 10 or more teachers who, because of their knowledge, commitment, and creativity, have made an extraordinary contribution during the previous school year to the quality of education in that district. Schools having fewer than 10 teachers may consolidate with other schools for the purpose of participating in this program, provided that the combined number of teachers is 10 or more. In selecting teaching staff members for the Governor's Annual Award for Outstanding Teaching, the panel may solicit nominations from teaching staff, administrative staff, parents, students, and community members.

Teaching staff members who are selected for the Governor's Annual Teacher Recognition Award shall have distinguished themselves through exceptional contributions in the following areas:

a. use of effective instructional techniques and methods;

b. establishment of productive classroom climate and rapport with pupils; and

c. development of feelings of self-worth and the love of learning in pupils.

The selection panel shall consider evidence of these contributions in making its decisions. Teachers selected for this award shall have received exemplary local district evaluation reports. School districts may also consider other evidence of outstanding teaching performance.

Teachers selected for the Governor's Award shall also have other acceptable personnel records which are devoid of recent sanctions or deficiencies.

The local board of education may certify to the commissioner the name of one teaching staff member from each school or combination of schools in the district having 10 or more teachers as a recipient of the Governor's Award. The local board may not certify the names of any teaching staff members who were not nominated by the teacher recognition selection paneL. The State shall provide funds in an amount equal to $1,000.00 for each teacher selected pursuant to this act. These funds shall be forwarded in the teacher's name to the district for an educational purpose designated by the teacher. Districts that do not comply with all the provisions of this act shall not be included in the Governor's Award program.

Award recipients shall not be eligible for renomination for two years following their selection.

L. 1985, c. 322, s. 4.

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