New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:39-1.2 - Provision Of Transportation For Certain Pupils; Contracts; Charges, Method Of Collection.

18A:39-1.2 Provision of transportation for certain pupils; contracts; charges, method of collection.

18A:39-1.2. Whenever the governing body of a municipality finds that for safety reasons it is desirable to provide transportation to and from a school for pupils living within the municipality, other than those living remote from the school or those physically handicapped or with an intellectual disability, the governing body and the board of education of the district are authorized to enter into a contract pursuant to the "Interlocal Services Act," P.L.1973, c.208 (C.40:8A-1 et seq.), under the terms of which the board shall provide such transportation. Any funds required to be paid by the municipality to the board of education under such a contract shall be appropriated by the governing body and paid to the secretary or treasurer of school moneys, as appropriate, of the district. The governing body of the municipality may charge the parents or guardians of children who are transported for safety reasons in order to help defray expenses, provided that no charge shall be imposed on the parent or guardian of any child who meets the Statewide eligibility standards established by the State Board of Education for free and reduced price meals under the State school lunch program. The amount of any charges and the method of collection shall be specified in the contract between the municipal governing body and the board of education. Nothing in this section shall prevent a board of education from providing transportation at its own expense.

amended 1995, c.271, s.1; 2010, c.39, s.27; 2010, c.50, s.11.

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