New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:3a-2 - Legislative Findings, Determinations And Declarations

18A:3A-2. Legislative findings, determinations and declarations
The Legislature finds, determines and declares:

a. It is a fundamental aspiration of the people of New Jersey to live in a peaceful world, in which the threat of war, with its material destruction and human suffering, is steadily reduced and ultimately eliminated;

b. Accordingly, it is an appropriate act of State government, in furtherance of this aspiration, to promote the development, collection and analysis of the best research on, and most advanced techniques of, conflict resolution and peaceful settlement of disputes; and

c. It is the intent and purpose of the Legislature that the Institute established pursuant to this act shall produce significant aid to the understanding and implementation of methods for prevention of violent conflict arising from disputes on all levels of human interaction; and it is reasonably anticipated that, in addition to its primary benefits aimed at the avoidance of armed national conflict, the results of the Institute's labors will produce significant benefits of a domestic nature here in New Jersey--as in improving labor-management relations, mediating environmental issue disputes and mitigating landlord-tenant conflicts.

L.1984, c. 149, s. 2, eff. Sept. 8, 1984.

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