New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:3c-3 - Provision Of Program Of Education On Responsible Use Of Credit.

18A:3C-3 Provision of program of education on responsible use of credit.

3. a. A credit card issuer, with an approved registration as filed pursuant to section 2 of this act, who solicits applications for credit cards on a campus of an institution of higher education shall provide to students of that campus a one-time, on-campus program of education on the responsible use of credit.

b.A program of education on the responsible use of credit that meets the requirements of subsection a. of this section shall include at a minimum:

(1)A full explanation of the financial consequences of not paying off credit card balances in full within the time specified by the billing statement to avoid interest charges, including an explanation of how the credit card issuer computes interest on unpaid balances;

(2)A full explanation of the impact of a shift from an introductory or initial interest rate to an ongoing interest rate that is higher, including the exact time when the higher ongoing interest rate takes effect, and a description of acts on the part of the cardholder that will cause an immediate shift to the higher interest rate;

(3)A full explanation, with examples, of how long it would take to pay off various illustrative balance amounts by paying the minimum monthly payment required under the credit card agreement at the interest rate charged by the credit card issuer;

(4)A full explanation of credit related terms, including fixed rates, variable rates, introductory rates, balance transfers, grace periods, annual fees and any other fees charged by the credit card issuer; and

(5)A full discussion of the generally accepted prudent uses of credit, and the consequences of imprudent uses, as presented by recognized consumer credit counseling agencies.

L.2009, c.148, s.3.

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