New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:4-46 - Duties Of Commission Relative To Institute Of Italian And Italian American Heritage Studies.

18A:4-46 Duties of commission relative to Institute of Italian and Italian American Heritage Studies.

5. a. The commission shall create, establish and oversee the Institute of Italian and Italian American Heritage Studies as an entity whose purpose is to assist the commission in implementation of its responsibilities as identified in section 3 of this act, P.L.2001, c.343 (C.18A:4-44). The commission shall function as the board of governors for the institute. The commission shall appoint an executive director of the institute who shall serve at its pleasure.

b.The commission shall survey the New Jersey four-year universities and colleges that have an advanced degree program in the fields of Italian and/or Italian American studies and select one to serve as host to the institute. The institute shall not be administered by the college or university selected as the host site. The institute will collaborate with and otherwise engage, share and exchange resources with the higher education community of New Jersey and work to establish mutually beneficial public service programs and activities consistent with the mission of the commission.

c.The institute shall have the authority to raise private funds and obtain public funds to be used toward scholarships, grants and studies in the field of Italian and/or Italian American studies.

d.The commission shall appoint an Advisory Council to the commission and institute. The advisory council shall consist of individuals who have served prominently as spokespersons for, or as leaders of, organizations in the Italian and Americans of Italian heritage community which serve members of religious, ethnic, national heritage or social groups or who are experienced in the field of Italian and Americans of Italian heritage education.


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Last modified: October 11, 2016