New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:40a-2 - Curriculum Guidelines; Annual Review And Updating; Minimum Requirements

18A:40A-2. Curriculum guidelines; annual review and updating; minimum requirements
The Commissioner of Education, in consultation with the Commissioner of Health, shall develop curriculum guidelines for education programs on drugs, alcohol, anabolic steroids, tobacco and controlled dangerous substances. These guidelines shall be reviewed annually, and shall be updated as necessary to insure that the curriculum reflects the most current information available on the nature and treatment of drug, alcohol, anabolic steroids, tobacco and controlled dangerous substance abuse and treatment. The guidelines shall provide for a sequential course of study for each grade, K-12, and shall, at a minimum, include:

a. Detailed, factual information regarding the physiological, psychological, sociological and legal aspects of substance abuse;

b. Detailed information concerning the availability of help and assistance for pupils and their families with chemical dependency problems;

c. Decision making and coping skills; and,

d. The development of activities and attitudes which are consistent with a healthy life style.

The guidelines shall include model instructional units, shall define specific behavioral and learning objectives and shall recommend instructional materials suitable for each grade level.

L.1987, c.389, s.2; amended 1989,c.216,s.4; 1989,c.225,s.3.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016