New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:43a-5 - Services That May Be Provided Or Administered.

18A:43A-5 Services that may be provided or administered.

18A:43A-5. The bureau may, subject to the approval of the board of education, provide for or administer any or all of the following services:

(a)Take, keep and maintain a census of all children residing in the district pursuant to the provisions of section 18A:11-2;

(b)Supervise and maintain a school attendance service to carry out the provisions of article 3 of chapter 38 of this title, Compulsory Education;

(c)Maintain a register and classification of children with intellectual disabilities and children with handicaps pursuant to the provisions of chapter 46 of this title;

(d)Supervise the issuance of employment certificates, age certificates and special permits pursuant to the provisions of chapter 153 of the Laws of 1940, the law limiting and regulating child labor;

(e)Establish and maintain group and individual child guidance and counseling programs;

(f)Establish and operate speech and remedial reading clinics and such other clinics as will promote the normal educational development of the children of the district;

(g)Arrange with the respective county and municipal authorities concerned with proper juvenile development and particularly with those concerned with juvenile delinquency for mutual cooperation and assistance including service of the children's bureau as a receiving center for juvenile delinquents;

(h)Carry out, under guidance, the recommendations of mental health and diagnostic centers and clinics and of family psychiatrists and physicians;

(i)Counsel with parent and child;

(j)Cooperate in providing long- or short-term supervision of any child in connection with any of the services authorized by this section;

(k)Assist in the promotion of the normal development of youth and their proper adjustment in society.

amended 2010, c.50, s.12.

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