New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:46-15 - Facilities And Programs; Approval By Commissioner; Special Classes For Handicapped Children; Review; Improvement

18A:46-15. Facilities and programs; approval by commissioner; special classes for handicapped children; review; improvement
a. The commissioner with the consent of the State board shall, according to the rules and regulations prescribed by him and approved by the State board, approve all special facilities and education programs which meet the requirements of this chapter. He shall from time to time, by the use of available members of his staff, by the publication of bulletins, and by any other means available to him assist boards of education in formulating programs required under this chapter.

b. The commissioner shall continually review the operation of the programs of special education required under this chapter and whenever in any area or region of this State, in his judgment, handicapped children of one or more disability groups, as classified under N.J.S. 18A:46-8, are not receiving satisfactory education programs, despite the operation of facilities and programs approved by him pursuant to subsection a of this section, he shall, with the consent of the State board, order the establishment of a special class or classes for such group or groups in such area or region, either using the facilities to be provided by one or more boards of education, pursuant to N.J.S. 18A:46-20b, or the facilities of one or more jointure commissions by directing one or more boards of education not members to become contracting districts of any thereof under N.J.S. 18A:46-28c.

c. The commissioner shall continually review the operation of such class or classes and in case the operation of any of such classes is not satisfactory to him he shall, with the consent of the State board, take such steps available under this chapter as may seem necessary to improve such operation including the use of different receiving districts and sending districts and the use of different jointure commissions or the addition or withdrawal of districts to or from existing jointure commissions.

L.1967, c.271; amended by L.1970, c. 256, s. 2, eff. Nov. 2, 1970.

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