New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:54-13 - Establishment By Election On Request Of Voters

18A:54-13. Establishment by election on request of voters
In any county having a population not exceeding 100,000 inhabitants, there may be established and maintained a vocational school to be known as the "vocational school in the county of " (here insert the name of the county in which the schools are located).

At the request in writing of not less than 15% of the registered voters of any such county the county clerk shall submit at the next ensuing general election, and shall cause to be printed upon the ballot to be voted at such election the following question:

"Shall vocational schools be established in the county of (here insert the name of the county), pursuant to the provisions of article 3 of chapter 54 of Title 18A, Education, of the New Jersey Statutes."

In squares at the right shall be placed the words "Yes" and "No." Any person desiring the establishment of such schools in the county shall mark a cross ( x ), plus (+) or check ( X ) mark in the square opposite the word "Yes," and any person opposed thereto shall make a cross ( x ), plus (+) or check ( X ) mark opposite the word "No."

If a majority of all the ballots so voted shall favor the establishment of the schools, then the same shall be forthwith established and maintained as provided in this chapter. The results from such election shall be returned and canvassed in the same manner and at the same time as other election returns are canvassed.

L.1967, c.271.

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