New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:54f-1 - Findings, Declarations

18A:54F-1.Findings, declarations
1. The Legislature finds and declares that educational experts agree that at-risk youths face unique social and economic problems which work to inhibit their academic achievement and eventually their successful integration into the workplace; that the New Jersey Supreme Court in its June, 1990 Abbott v. Burke decision ordered that provision be made and programs developed to address the special disadvantages of at-risk students; and, that in its July, 1994 Abbott v. Burke decision, the Supreme Court suggested the need for the State itself to specifically identify and implement the supplemental programs necessary to meet the needs of at-risk youth.

The Legislature further finds that the development of an At-Risk Youth Employment Internship Program within the Department of Education would assist in addressing the needs and conditions which place students at risk of not acquiring the knowledge, skills, behaviors, and attitudes necessary for school success and future successful functioning as adults in society and also would assist in meeting the State's obligation to identify and implement specific programs for at-risk youths.


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Last modified: October 11, 2016