New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:58-33.26 - Resolution By State Board Of Education; Submission Of Ordinance Or Proposal Authorizing Issuance Of Bonds By Local Board; Endorsement

18A:58-33.26. Resolution by state board of education; submission of ordinance or proposal authorizing issuance of bonds by local board; endorsement
a. If the State Board of Education shall find that any such school district is not able to provide the suitable educational facilities described hereinabove the State Board of Education shall by resolution determine (1) that such school district is entitled to receive additional State school building aid pursuant to this act, (2) the number of pupils in resident enrollment in such school district on September 30, 1976 for purposes of computation under this act or the number of handicapped pupils between the ages of 13 and 21 whose vocational education needs were not met prior to the enactment of this act, (3) the principal amount of bonds (which amount is hereinafter sometimes referred to as the "entitlement" ) which are to be entitled to the benefits of the provisions of this act, and (4) the maturity schedule for such principal amount of bonds approved by said board.

b. At any time within 2 years after the adoption by the State Board of Education of the resolution referred to in subsection a. with respect to a particular school district, said school district may submit to the Commissioner of Education a copy of a proposal or ordinance authorizing the issuance of bonds entitled to the benefits of this act in accordance with said resolution, provided that such ordinance or proposal had not been adopted, approved or become effective prior to January 1, 1978, and to make or provide any and all investigations, determinations, endorsements, certifications, considerations, approvals, restrictions, limitations, consents, resolutions, estimates or approvals, which may be required or provided by this act with respect to any such ordinance or proposal, school district or school district projects or educational facilities, as if such ordinance or proposal had not been adopted, approved or become effective, and any bonds authorized by such ordinance or proposal shall be entitled to all the benefit of this act. If no such proposal or ordinance is submitted within 2 years the said resolution shall be of no further force and effect and the commissioner shall so notify said school district. The Commissioner of Education shall be and is hereby authorized to endorse upon any copy of such proposal or ordinance a certification thereof as being the proposal or ordinance as to which a determination of the State Board of Education has been made as aforesaid, and such indorsement shall be made in such form or manner as said commissioner shall determine.

L.1978, c. 74, s. 5, eff. July 13, 1978. Amended by L.1980, c. 33, s. 1, eff. June 3, 1980: L.1980, c. 162, s. 1, eff. Dec. 1, 1980.

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