New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:6-100 - Powers And Duties

18A:6-100. Powers and duties
The board of directors of the educational information and resource center, within the general rules and regulations set by the State Board of Education, shall have the general supervision over and be vested with the conduct of the center. It shall have the power and duty to:

a. Adopt and use a corporate seal;

b. Determine policies for the organization, administration, and development of the center;

c. Sue or be sued by its corporate name;

d. (Deleted by amendment, P.L.[1983], c. [186] );

e. Prepare an annual budget, as determined by the board of directors, to carry out the programs and services described in section 1 of this amendatory and supplementary act, and present the annual budget to the Governor and the Legislature;

f. Disburse all monies appropriated to the center by the State and all monies received from grants, fees, auxiliary services and other sources;

g. Direct and control expenditures of the center pursuant to all provisions of law governing local school districts, as set forth in Title 18A, and in accordance with the terms of any applicable trusts, bequests, or other special provisions. A system of bookkeeping and accounting shall be adopted and instituted as prescribed by the State board. The board shall cause an annual audit of the center's accounts and financial transactions in the manner provided by N.J.S. 18A:23-1 et seq. All accounts of the center shall be subject to audit by the State at any time;

h. Appoint and fix compensation, terms and conditions of employment of an executive director. The executive director shall be secretary to the board of directors and shall serve at the pleasure of the board of directors;

i. Upon nomination by the executive director, appoint, remove, promote and transfer such other staff as may be required to carry out the provisions of the chapter, assign their duties, determine their salaries and prescribe qualifications for all positions;

j. Enter into contracts and agreements with the State or any of its political subdivisions or with the United States, or any public body, department or any agency of the State or the United States or with any individual, firm, or corporation, subject to the bidding requirements set forth in the "Public School Contracts Law," N.J.S. 18A:18A-1, et seq., which are deemed necessary or advisable by the board for carrying out the provisions of this chapter;

k. Accept from any governmental department, agency or other public or private body, or from any other source grants or contributions of money or property which the board may use for any of its purposes;

l . Acquire, own, lease, use and operate property, subject to the facilities for the handicapped provisions set forth in N.J.S. 18A:18A-17 and P.L.1975, c. 221 (C. 52:32-11 et seq.), whether real, personal or mixed, or any interest therein, which is necessary or desirable for center purposes;

m. Determine that any property owned by the center is no longer necessary for center purposes and to sell the same at such price and in such manner and upon such terms and conditions as deemed appropriate;

n. Adopt bylaws, make and promulgate such rules, regulations, and orders, not inconsistent with the provisions of this chapter or rules and regulations of the State Board of Education, as are necessary and proper for the administration and operation of the center and to implement the provisions of this act;

o . Appoint and regulate the duties, functions, powers and procedures of committees, standing or special, from its members and such advisory committees or bodies, as it may deem necessary or conducive to the efficient management and operation of the center, consistent with this act and other applicable statutes;

p. Cause a report of the condition of the center and the center's property under its control and an itemized account of the condition of the finances of the center to be printed and submitted to the Legislature as soon as practicable after the close of the fiscal year;

and it may:

q. Utilize all available programs, services, and resources of other social agencies, including institutions of higher education and local school districts, to meet the center's plans and objectives.

L.1978, c. 58, s. 6, eff. June 29, 1978. Amended by L.1983, c. 186, s. 9, eff. July 1, 1983.

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