New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:6-91.2 - Duties Of Commission

18A:6-91.2.Duties of commission
2. The commission shall:

a. Advise and oversee the implementation of the Plan of Action that was adopted by the Commission on Environmental Education created by Executive Order Number 205 of 1989 and reconvened as the New Jersey Commission on Environmental Education by Executive Order Number 111 of 1993;

b. Develop and maintain, with the assistance of the various agencies and departments, a bi-annual inventory of the environmental education resources that are available in all State agencies and departments;

c. Develop and maintain an Environmental Education Network of activities, resources and model programs throughout the State;

d. Organize a global forum on environmental education to be held every three to five years;

e. Organize and support an annual Environmental Education Week;

f. Support such other environmental education activities as the commission determines are appropriate;

g. Provide technical assistance to the Legislature for legislation related to environmental education; and

h. Submit an annual report on the status of environmental education to the Governor and the Legislature.


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Last modified: October 11, 2016