New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:64a-25.18 - Time For Making Awards; Deposits Returned

18A:64A-25.18. Time for making awards; deposits returned
The county college shall award the contract or reject all bids within such time as may be specified in the specifications or other documents issued to all bidders, but in no case more than 60 days, except the bids of any bidders who consent thereto, either before or after said 60 day period, may, at the request of the county college, be held for consideration for such longer period as may be agreed. All bid security except the security of the three apparent lowest responsible bidders shall, if requested, be returned within 30 days from the opening of the bids, Sundays and holidays excepted, and the bids of such bidders shall be considered as withdrawn. Within 3 days, Sundays and holidays excepted, after the awarding of the contract and the approval of the successful bidder's performance bond, if any, the bid guaranty of the remaining bidders shall be returned to them.

L.1982, c. 189, s. 18, eff. Jan. 1, 1983.

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