New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:64a-25.6 - Emergency Purchases And Contracts.

18A:64A-25.6 Emergency purchases and contracts.

6.Any purchase, contract, or agreement may be made, negotiated or awarded by a county college without public advertising for bids and bidding therefor, notwithstanding that the cost or contract price will exceed $25,000 or, commencing January 1, 2003, the amount determined pursuant to subsection b. of section 3 of P.L.1982, c.189 (C.18A:64A-25.3), when an emergency affecting the health, safety or welfare of occupants of college property requires the immediate delivery of the materials or supplies or the performance of the work, provided that such purchases, contracts or agreements are awarded or made in the following manner:

a.A written requisition for the performance of such work or the furnishing of materials or supplies, certified by the employee in charge of the building, facility or equipment where the emergency occurred, is filed with the contracting agent or his deputy in charge, describing the nature of the emergency, the time of its occurrence, and the need for invoking this section. The contracting agent, or his deputy in charge, being satisfied that the emergency exists, is hereby authorized to award a contract for said work, materials or supplies.

b.Upon the furnishing of such work, materials or supplies in accordance with the terms of the contract or agreement, the contractor furnishing such work, materials or supplies shall be entitled to be paid therefor and the county college shall be obligated for said payment.

c. The board of trustees may prescribe rules and procedures to implement the requirements of this section.

L.1982,c.189,s.6; amended 1984, c.241, s.4; 2001, c.281, s.3.

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