New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:64g-18 - Retirement Rights Of Former Municipal Hospital Employees

18A:64G-18. Retirement rights of former municipal hospital employees
The acquisition of the hospital by the university shall not alter the retirement anticipation of any former municipal employee of the hospital.

a. Upon the effective date of the acquisition of the hospital by the university the former municipal employees of the hospital who continue as employees of the university and who are members of a municipal retirement system established pursuant to P.L.1954, c. 218, as amended and supplemented (C. 43:13-22.3 et seq.), shall continue their membership in such retirement system. Following the year of such acquisition, the university shall pay annually to such retirement system on behalf of such members the amount of the employer's contribution as would have been required of the municipality under the terms of said P.L.1954, c. 218.

b. Upon the effective date of the acquisition of the hospital by the university, the former permanent municipal employees of the hospital who are not members of such municipal employees' retirement system and who anticipated the receipt of a pension from the municipality under the provisions of chapter 4 of Title 43 of the Revised Statutes or the "General Noncontributory Pension Act," P.L.1955, c. 263 (C. 43:8B-1 et seq.) shall continue their eligibility for such pension to be paid by the municipality. When any such pension shall be paid by the municipality on the basis of service rendered with the municipality and subsequently with the university the university shall annually pay to the municipality on account of such pension an amount which shall be in the same proportion as the employee's years of service with the university bear to his total service upon which the pension has been calculated.

L.1970, c. 102, s. 18. Amended by L.1981, c. 325, s. 14, eff. Dec. 10, 1981.

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