New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:65-15 - Board Of Trustees, Members, Classification, Terms, Etc.

18A:65-15 Board of trustees, members, classification, terms, etc.

18A:65-15. I. The membership of the board of trustees shall be classified as follows and consist of:

a.the president of the corporation, serving as an ex officio non-voting member;

b.five public trustees, appointed and to be appointed by the Governor of the State, with the advice and consent of the Senate, serving under section 4 of chapter 49 of the Laws of 1945 for five-year terms expiring respectively, one, two, three, four, and five years after June 30, 1956, whose respective successors shall be appointed upon the expiration of such terms and annually thereafter to serve five-year terms;

c. not less than 12 nor more than 20 trustees who shall be alumni or alumnae of Rutgers, The State University, as may be determined from time to time by the board of trustees, elected by the board in accordance with such rules, regulations and schedules, and modifications thereof, as may be prepared and adopted from time to time by the board, the terms of such alumni trustees or alumnae trustees to be six years for full terms, with power in the board to provide for shorter or interim terms when deemed by it to be advisable.

d.Charter trustees: the number of trustees serving as such on August 31, 1956 without definite term, who shall continue to serve indefinitely; provided, that upon the occurrence of any vacancy among such charter trustees, no successor shall be elected to fill such vacancy until such time as the number of such trustees has been reduced below 25, and thereafter vacancies within that number shall be filled by the board subject to the following paragraph II; ii. two women elected by the board of trustees serving six-year terms expiring respectively on June 30, 1963 and 1965 and one woman elected by the board of trustees serving a five-year term expiring June 30, 1961, whose respective successors shall be elected by the board upon the expiration of such terms and thereafter to serve six-year terms.

II.All trustees elected or appointed for terms commencing on or after September 1, 1956, other than those serving pursuant to subsections I.a. and I.b. of this section, shall serve for terms of six years (subject to the provisions of subsection I.c. of this section and of subsection (a) of section 18A:65-16), and may succeed themselves for not more than one additional term after having served one full six-year term.

III.The ex officio members of the board of trustees as constituted on August 31, 1956, pursuant to the charter, statutes, or resolutions of the board from time to time adopted, ceased to be such members on August 31, 1956, with the exception of the president of the corporation who continued as ex officio trustee and ex officio governor, without voting power as hereinabove provided and the Commissioner of Education who so continued until July 1, 1967.

IV. A member of the board of trustees appointed to the board of governors pursuant to subsection b.ii. of N.J.S.18A:65-14 shall cease being a member of the board of trustees immediately upon taking the oath of office as a member of the board of governors.

amended 1994, c.48, s.178; 2015, c.12, s.1.

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