New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:65-37 - Payments, In Lieu Of Interest, On Proceeds Of Public Land Scrip

18A:65-37. Payments, in lieu of interest, on proceeds of public land scrip
The sum which is paid by the state annually in semiannual payments pursuant to the certificates of indebtedness which were issued under section 2 of the act entitled "A supplement to the act entitled "An act appropriating scrip for the public lands granted to the state of New Jersey by the act of congress, approved July 2, 1862,' approved April 4, 1864," approved June 13, 1895 (L.1895, c. 417, s. 2, p. 805), together with the amendment thereto approved March 30, 1896 (L.1896, c. 135, p. 192), upon the payment or transfer to the state sinking fund of the fund of $116,000.00 which arose from the sale of the scrip for public lands granted to the state by the act of congress approved July 2, 1862, shall be paid to the corporation for the special purposes and upon the special conditions set forth in sections 18A:65-38, 18A:65-39 and 18A:65-40 incl.

L.1967, c.271.

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