New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:66-107 - Contributions To Pension Fund.

18A:66-107 Contributions to pension fund.

18A:66-107. The contributions to the pension fund shall be as follows:

a.There shall be deducted from every payment of salary of all employees who are members of the fund 3% of the amount of such salary.

b.Each board of education shall be obligated for contributions to the fund of a proportionate amount of the total contributions required from all employing boards of education, as determined by the actuary, which shall be sufficient to: (1) provide for the pension credits being accrued by the members, after taking into account contributions being made by the members, and (2) provide for the payment of the unfunded accrued liability in annual payments. Such obligations shall be provided for by each board in its annual appropriation for the support and maintenance of the public schools.

c.The amount to be appropriated by each board under subsection b. of this section shall be determined by applying the percentage certified by the actuary as determined under said subsection.

d.The treasurer or other chief fiscal officer of each board of education shall pay to the fund on the first day of each month: (1) the total of the amounts of contributions which, during the preceding month, were deducted from the salaries of the employees of that board under subsection a. of this section, and (2) the pro rata portion of the amount of employer contributions of the board, as that amount is determined under subsection b. of this section, which is applicable to that board with respect to the preceding month. If the full payment required under this subsection is not made within 30 days after it becomes due, interest at the rate of 1% for each whole or fractional month of lateness shall begin to run against the unpaid balance of that payment on the first day after that thirtieth day.

L.1967, c.271; amended 1983, c.216, s.3; 1999, c.333, s.1.

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