New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:66-126.11 - Application Of L.1956, C. 169 Upon Extension Of Social Security Coverage To Members Of Pension Fund

18A:66-126.11. Application of L.1956, c. 169 upon extension of social security coverage to members of pension fund
If Social Security coverage is extended to members of the pension fund, the provisions of P.L.1956, c. 169 shall apply to such members of said pension fund subject to the following provisos:

a. Any member of the pension fund who was a member on or before June 26, 1962 and who has or shall hereafter have credit in the pension fund and the retirement system for 30 years or more as an employee of a board of education, shall, upon application to the board of trustees of the retirement system, be retired by such board of trustees and shall thereupon receive annually, for and during the remainder of his life, by way of a retirement allowance, an amount equal to 1/60 of the average annual salary received by him during the 3 years immediately preceding his retirement multiplied by the number of years he has credit in the pension fund and the retirement system as an employee of a board of education.

Any such retirement allowance payable under this subsection shall be in lieu of the retirement benefits which would accrue to the said employee under the retirement system or any retirement system established by the State or any of its political subdivisions.

b. The transfer of prior service, contributing membership credit, and the moneys attributable to the accounts of public employee veteran members of the pension fund to the retirement system shall not alter the service credit previously established.

c. All pensions granted by the pension fund shall be payable by the retirement system in equal monthly installments.

d. All purchases of service credit contracted with the pension fund shall be continued without alteration in terms of credit to be established, the cost and the amount of the additional payroll deductions prescribed for such purchase.

e. All reserves and moneys held by the insurance carrier under contracts provided by employer and employee contributions to the county superintendent of schools, the policyholder, shall be transferred and merged with those maintained for all members of the retirement system.

f. If a transferring member was not covered by either or both noncontributory and contributory death benefit coverages, he may be allowed the death benefits of the retirement system, provided, however, that such member must furnish satisfactory evidence of insurability and on the effective date of his membership in the retirement system is actively at work and performing all his regular duties at his customary place of employment. The effective date of coverage for such benefits shall be on the first day of the month which immediately follows the date when such evidence is determined to be satisfactory.

Such evidence of insurability will not be required of any transferring member if such member was covered by such benefits immediately prior to the transfer.

L.1973, c. 8, s. 3, eff. Jan. 24, 1973.

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