New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:66-169 - Definitions.

18A:66-169 Definitions.

3.As used in this act:

a."Accumulated deductions" means those contributions as defined in N.J.S.18A:66-2 or in section 6 of P.L.1954, c.84 (C.43:15A-6).

b."Base salary" means a participant's regular base or contractual salary. It shall exclude bonus, overtime or other forms of extra compensation such as (1) longevity lump sum payments, (2) lump sum terminal sick leave or vacation pay, (3) the value of maintenance, (4) individual pay adjustments made within or at the conclusion of the participant's final year of service, (5) retroactive salary adjustments or other pay adjustments made in the participant's final year of service unless such adjustment was made as a result of a general pay adjustment for all personnel of the department or institution, (6) any unscheduled individual adjustment made in the final year to place the member at the maximum salary level within his salary range and (7) any pay for services rendered during the summer vacation period by a participant who is required to work only 10 months of the year.

c."Base annual salary" means the base salary upon which contributions by the member and his employer to the alternate benefit program were based during the last year of creditable service.

d.(Deleted by amendment, P.L.1994, c.48).

e.(Deleted by amendment, P.L.2012, c.45)

f."County colleges" means the colleges so defined in N.J.S.18A:64A-1.

g."Division of Pensions" means the division established in the Department of the Treasury pursuant to section 1 of P.L.1955, c.70 (C.52:18A-95) and is the agency responsible for the administration of the alternate benefit program of the State and county colleges and for the administration of the group life and disability insurances of all alternate benefit programs established in the State for public employees.

h."Full-time officers" and "full-time members of the faculty" shall include the president, vice president, secretary and treasurer of the respective school. "Full-time" shall also include eligible full-time officers and full-time members of the faculty who are granted sabbaticals or leaves of absence with pay where the compensation paid is 50% or more of the base salary at the time the leave commences and the period of eligibility terminates with the end of the school year following the year in which the sabbatical began. "Part-time" shall be defined as an appointment where the employee receives a salary or wages for a period of less than 50% of the normal work week. These definitions shall apply to teaching or administrative staff members or to employees serving in a dual capacity where the appointment includes teaching as well as administrative duties.

i."Group Annuity Plan" refers to the Group Annuity Contract R-134 between the Board of Trustees of the New Jersey Institute of Technology and the Prudential Insurance Company of America.

j."Member" or "participant" means a full-time officer or a full-time member of the faculty participating in the alternate benefit program, and after the effective date of P.L.2008, c.89, means an adjunct faculty member or a part-time instructor whose employment agreement begins after that effective date.

k."New Jersey Institute of Technology" means the Newark College of Engineering.

l."Pension reserve" means those moneys as defined in N.J.S.18A:66-2 or in section 6 of P.L.1954, c.84 (C.43:15A-6).

m."Rutgers, The State University" means the institution of higher education described in chapter 65 of Title 18A of the New Jersey Statutes.

n."State Colleges" means the colleges so described in chapter 64 of Title 18A of the New Jersey Statutes and any former State college designated as a public research university pursuant to P.L.2012, c.45 (C.18A:64M-1 et al.).

o."Mutual fund company" means an investment company or trust regulated by the federal "Investment Company Act of 1940," 15 U.S.C.s. 80a-1 et seq.

L.1969, c.242, s.3; amended 1993, c.385, s.2; 1994, c.48, s.187; 2008, c.89, s.12; 2012, c.45, s.90.

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