New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:66-177 - Purchase Of Group Life Insurance And Disability Benefit Coverage; Alternate Benefit Group Insurance Premium Fund

18A:66-177. Purchase of group life insurance and disability benefit coverage; alternate benefit group insurance premium fund
As of July 1, 1969 the State Treasurer is hereby authorized and permitted to purchase from one or more insurance companies, as determined by him, group life insurance and disability benefit coverage to provide for the death benefits and disability benefits in the amounts specified in this act. Such group life insurance and disability benefit coverage may be provided under one or more policies issued to the State Treasurer specifically for this purpose or, in the discretion of the State Treasurer, under one or more policies issued to the State Treasurer which provide group life insurance coverage for members of one or more retirement systems of the State of New Jersey. Any dividend or retrospective rate credit allowed by an insurance company attributable to the alternate benefit program shall be credited in an equitable manner to the funds available to meet the employers' obligations under the alternate benefit program.

Premiums for such group insurance coverage shall be paid from a special fund, hereby created, called the "Alternate Benefit Group Insurance Premium Fund." The State Treasurer shall estimate annually the amount which will be required for premiums for such benefits for the ensuing fiscal year and shall certify such amounts which shall be applied against the total employer contributions due for the participants from the several institutions where the alternate benefit programs are established, depositing such amounts in the Alternate Benefit Group Insurance Premium Fund.

During the period such group insurance policy or policies are in effect with respect to participants in the alternate benefit programs the State Treasurer shall in no way commingle moneys in this fund with any pension funds established under the alternate benefit programs.

All reserves and moneys held by the insurance carriers under the group life insurance and disability benefit policies providing for employer and employee contributions pursuant to the provisions of chapters 64C and 65 of Title 18A of the New Jersey Statutes, chapters 278 and 281 of the laws of 1967 and chapter 181 of the laws of 1968, and any amendments and supplements thereto, as well as any accrued liabilities under such policies which may be terminated, shall be transferred and merged with those group policies purchased by the State Treasurer.

L.1969, c. 242, s. 11, eff. July 1, 1969.

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