New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:66-188 - Cash Surrender Option; Policy Loans; Conditions For Annuity Repurchase; Affect On Past And Future Contributions

18A:66-188. Cash surrender option; policy loans; conditions for annuity repurchase; affect on past and future contributions
22. The alternate benefit programs shall provide an option for cash surrender upon separation from service. The cash surrender shall be applicable only to employee contributions and accumulations prior to the participant's 55th birthday, and thereafter to the full amount of all employee and employer contributions and accumulations. Additionally, a participant may borrow from his employee account accumulations up to the amounts allowed under federal law while still employed. Employee and employer account accumulations shall be used to qualify for the amount of a policy loan. In the event a participant in the alternate benefit program terminates his employment for reasons other than retirement or disability and requests repurchase of his annuity or annuities, such repurchase shall be allowed provided it meets the conditions under which the insurer or mutual fund company will repurchase annuities automatically, and provided that the portion of the repurchase value attributable to employer contributions made pursuant to this act shall be refunded to the employer.

The amendments to this section made by P.L.1993, c.385 (C.18A:66-172.1 et al.) shall apply to all contributions made to a plan under the alternate benefit program on or after the 90th day following the effective date of that P.L.1993, c.385. Any plan contributions invested in the College Retirement Equities Fund prior to that date shall be fully subject to distribution as cash if those contributions shall not have been annuitized prior to that 90th day. Any plan contributions invested in the Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association prior to that 90th day shall become subject to distribution as cash to the maximum extent permitted by the contract if those contributions shall not have been annuitized prior to that 90th day.

L.1969,c.242,s.22; amended 1993,c.385,s.9.

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