New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:66-21 - Retirement Reserve Fund

18A:66-21. Retirement reserve fund
The retirement reserve fund shall be the fund from which all retirement allowances shall be paid except those payable from the pension fund as provided in section 18A:66-22. Upon the retirement of a member other than a present-entrant, his accumulated deductions together with regular interest after January 1, 1956, shall be transferred to the retirement reserve fund from the annuity savings fund. The reserve needed to produce the balance of the retirement allowance shall be transferred from the contingent reserve fund. If the retirement allowance of a member who has been retired is subsequently canceled, the appropriate reserve shall be transferred to the annuity savings fund and the contingent reserve fund.

Any surplus or deficit developing in the retirement reserve fund shall be adjusted from time to time by transfer to or from the contingent reserve fund by appropriate action of the retirement system upon the advice of the actuary.

L.1967, c.271; amended by L.1971, c. 121, s. 11, eff. April 29, 1971.

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